Birdhouse wren silhouette

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The burnt in silhouette and Latin name indicate that this house is meant for the Eurasian Wren. It provides a good place to nestle and helps maintain or bring back a population in an area. During the winter time this birdhouse will often provide birds with a place to hide from the bad weather.

Place this nesting box on a tree or wall, up 2 meter (6.6 ft) high, in a well hidden location covered by dense shrubbery or vines, in a quiet and somewhat sheltered spot (aka not directly in the sun or on the rainside) with a free flight path for the bird. Due to the territorial behaviour of the birds it is best to hang the nesting box at a minimum of 10m (32 ft) away from nesting boxes of the same species and at a minimum of 3m (10 ft) away from feeding houses. Autumn is the best time to clean the birdhouse.
L 11.2 x W 14.4 x H 19.7cm.

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