The Pollinating Company Bee Nester

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The Pollinating Company Bee Nester is packed with so many clever features! Comes box fresh with peelable foil wrap. Moveable woodpecker and predator guard built in. Ready to hang. Instructions on inside of wrap. Designed so that card tubes can be replaced to extend nester life. Bee tubes are insulated inside nester. Nesting tubes perfect size for Mason, Orchard & Leafcutter Bees. Our precious pollinators need somewhere safe to lay their eggs. Your bee nester provides the perfect place for the female bees to construct her egg cells, which develop into bee larvae and finally emerge in Spring as the new generation of bees. The nester should be hung in a sheltered spot in your garden. A good spot should have nectar plants and a water source nearby. Once your nester is filled use the perforated lid as a predator guard to protect the open ends of the card nesting tubes over winter. The nesting tubes are easily replaceable with 8mm cardboard, drilled bamboo or with hollow stems from your garden. They are the perfect size of Mason, Orchard and Leafcutter bees - solitary bees that need a safe place to lay their eggs. Just remove the lid, peel back the seal before hanging the nester in a sheltered spot between ground level and 2m, somewhere with nectar plants and a water source nearby.

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